We are a group of hearing healthcare professionals who feel the time has come to take a stand against the online sales of hearing aids. A grassroots effort, we are a group of like-minded professionals who want to bring others together to educate, inform, and share the strength of our individual voices in a more powerful whole.


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  1. Since 1965 the dispensing industry has change trememdously. Not just internet sales, but the VA has spent “millions” building another government empire for us (taxpayers) to support with our taxes to compete with the private vendors. Vets have to drive miles…sometimes to other communities, or into cities where they would rather not go. But, that is were the Clinics are!

    I never could get a grasp on why our “poweres that be” elected to bypass an already developed system and setup another “money pit”. What ever happened to outsourcing in our own communities.

    Yes, there is quite a struggle ahead. But the biggest is going to come from the manufactures who are bent on taking over the retail end also. Right now they are training there reps to become store managers. And, there company stores are certainly paying much less for products. I afraid that big with get MUCH BIGGER! Choose your products prudently. Some of these manufactures are NOT your PARTNER!

    I wish each of you the best. I sincerely admire you for your spirit.

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