Heading Toward 2000 Members

As of this morning’s count, 1660 colleagues have signed our list of supporters for the boycott internet hearing aid sales movement. Signatures have come in from literally every state in the nation!

We thought you might like to read some more of your colleagues’ comments.

“We applaud your efforts !! It is confusing to our clients and
professionals get involved are operating outside the ethics of our profession and
importantly THE LAW.”

“Our entire staff supports this effort.”

“Thank you for these efforts. As hearing healthcare professionals, both HAS and audiologists need to work together to eliminate online sales and build credibility for our products, services and industry. ”

“To promote internet sales of something as complex as hearing aids or hearing healthcare is akin to having major surgery on your kitchen table.”

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2 Responses to Heading Toward 2000 Members

  1. I am in total support of this effort. Internet sales hurts Audiology in the long run and is as underhanded as it gets. I am just looking for a company that tells the whole truth, has a good product and supports the private practice Audiologist.

  2. Since many states have made internet/mail-order sales illegal, how can they do this?

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