More of Your Comments!

Every day the number of people signing the support list grows. And many of these people leave thoughtful and insightful comments. Here are just a few:

“The number of people who have been calling our office about this is increasing. The people don’t understand that they are not just buying a product from us, but our services and our knowledge as well. When they purchase hearing aids online, they get nothing but the product.”

“When purchasing hearing aids online, the client has no one to turn to if problems arise.”

“Hearing loss is a serious medical condition that needs professional evaluation and counseling, it cannot be fixed on a one-time purchase of a cheap hearing device online.”

“Hearing instruments are a MEDICAL device and require a professional to test, recommend and fit them, usually after a MEDICAL referral. We need to educate the public!”

“I tried (an online provider) earlier this week, and just couldn’t handle it. I felt the patient was not getting treated right, so I pulled the plug on the deal. I called (the provider) and asked to be removed from their system. I always knew I felt this way, just had to try it once. Once was enough.  They have it backwards, we should sell the instrument and they get a referral fee.”

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2 Responses to More of Your Comments!

  1. Sharon says:

    I dispense Audibel products and I have a patient who just purchased from me and told me that her Internet research on satisfaction with hearing aids showed that most patients’ overall satisfaction was directly related to their satisfaction with the professional they deal with. 2 weeks after purchasing she brought her mother in to purchase.

  2. Vicki Sims says:

    I believe any organization that provides internet tested and/or internet purchased hearing instruments is irresponsible. There is no way to provide appropriate audiological testing without the appropriate, calibrated equipment. SERIOUS medical issues will be missed. In addition, there are so many individuals who are confused about the testing and it takes an empathetic individual with the good training to guide them through the process of testing, much less hearing aid fitting and programming. I believe alot of unsuspecting and uninformed individuals will be hurt by this. I, personally, would steer any one from dealing with such an irresponsible company. If they will do this, what else will they do?!

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