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3 Responses to Welcome!

  1. I see internet hearing aid sales as the same idea as do it yourself brain surgery. Why would anybody want to do that; they don’t have the tools, the skills, or the facility to do it. The answer, of course, is that they feel that they could do a better job and not have to pay a “middle man.” But, it’s the middle man who makes it work. He’s the one who fairly evaluates the problem and recommends a solution. The problem is the solution, as currently done elsewhere, has its roots in medical disciplines. As there is nothing in medicine that describes a hearing aid or its fitting, it now becomes a guessing game and the odds of it working to satisfaction, decrease.

    As a hearing aid dispenser, I don’t think it’s a good idea to buy over the internet, but since there’s so much guesswork involved,I can readily see why people try it. FUNDAMENTALLY, I think people should be able to buy whatever they want, whenever they want to. Caveat emptor.

    The real issue here, is get away from the medical viewpoint (audiogram), and look at the hearing aid fitting for what it is: a public address system on a small scale; the ear canal is the auditorium, the guy in the back row is the eardrum. the guy in the front row is normal hearing. Now set up a sound system for that auditorium. You’ll have to go to physics and talk about sound pressure, but you’ll have something to sell and that’s what the internet buyers are trying to avoid: Bad hearing aid dispensing.

  2. Steve says:

    The biggest problem with internet sales is it takes away that ability to educate the patient on the seriousness of hearing loss and the need for early treatment. You lose the dialog with the hard of hearing person.

    Do we not know that we are selling a product that no one really wants to buy? Why do you think we fit less than 9% of the people that actually need hearing aids every year?

    We at SignaCare understand the extreme importance of proper counseling and education to the hearing impaired. We have gone as far as to set up with a major bank low dealer fees to finance hearing aids for the hearing impaired, such as only a 1% dealer fee for any term finance from 12 to 60 months.

    We at SignaCare want the hearing impaired to get the treatment they deserve and are opposed to internet non education sales.


  3. Dave Jennings says:

    I wont buy Siemens Hearing Aids because there on EBAY! Talk about lack of Professionalism of a hearing aid company. I hope others see this and do the same

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