NY Times Article on Hearing Loss

Recent article by the New York Times creates awareness of the impact of untreated hearing loss.


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Heading Toward 2000 Members

As of this morning’s count, 1660 colleagues have signed our list of supporters for the boycott internet hearing aid sales movement. Signatures have come in from literally every state in the nation!

We thought you might like to read some more of your colleagues’ comments.

“We applaud your efforts !! It is confusing to our clients and
professionals get involved are operating outside the ethics of our profession and
importantly THE LAW.”

“Our entire staff supports this effort.”

“Thank you for these efforts. As hearing healthcare professionals, both HAS and audiologists need to work together to eliminate online sales and build credibility for our products, services and industry. ”

“To promote internet sales of something as complex as hearing aids or hearing healthcare is akin to having major surgery on your kitchen table.”

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We Passed 1000 Supporters!

And then some. We’re at 1354 and counting. Thanks to everyone, and keep passing the word along. With this kind of support, we can make a difference.

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We thought you’d like to know

We have over 800 signatures to our list of hearing healthcare professionals who support the call to end the sale of hearing aids online.

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This Just In!

From a reader:

“I used to sell TV Ears until I found out that they are selling an open ear hearing aid cleverly packaged as a “PSAP” personal sound product.

“I will not sell TV Ears because of this. I sold hundreds of them over the past decade but now sell Sennheiser, it’s more expensive but I cannot support TV Ears anymore. You should get this out to all your contacts. I found out because a patient bought a TV Ears set from me and sent in his registration card, then TV Ears sent him a flyer pushing their product! We sell their TV Ears and they send our patients marketing for their own hearing aid!”

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More of Your Comments!

Every day the number of people signing the support list grows. And many of these people leave thoughtful and insightful comments. Here are just a few:

“The number of people who have been calling our office about this is increasing. The people don’t understand that they are not just buying a product from us, but our services and our knowledge as well. When they purchase hearing aids online, they get nothing but the product.”

“When purchasing hearing aids online, the client has no one to turn to if problems arise.”

“Hearing loss is a serious medical condition that needs professional evaluation and counseling, it cannot be fixed on a one-time purchase of a cheap hearing device online.”

“Hearing instruments are a MEDICAL device and require a professional to test, recommend and fit them, usually after a MEDICAL referral. We need to educate the public!”

“I tried (an online provider) earlier this week, and just couldn’t handle it. I felt the patient was not getting treated right, so I pulled the plug on the deal. I called (the provider) and asked to be removed from their system. I always knew I felt this way, just had to try it once. Once was enough.  They have it backwards, we should sell the instrument and they get a referral fee.”

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EarQ Endorses “Boycott Internet Hearing Aid Sales”

Who is Boycott Internet Hearing Aid Sales? We’re you – all of you – who are concerned about the selling of hearing aids online. We’re a member-owned organization, the result of a simple, grassroots effort to see how many of us there were out there, without putting any one practice or person at risk.

And based on early reaction to the establishment of this organization, our concern for confidentiality wasn’t unfounded. Reaction by those profiting from this questionable practice was swift. “Who’s behind this?” they wanted to know, rather than asking the better question,”What can we do to ensure the future of our industry and the health of our patients?”

And now, one hearing health professional practice has come out visibly in support of this effort. EarQ, a group of Hearing Healthcare Professionals who take great pride in helping people hear better, sets high standards when it comes to the hearing health of their patients. And they see this issue as not just important, but vital.

“We just can’t afford to put our practices, and the health of our patients, at risk,” says Ed Keller, President of EarQ. “The time has come to take action.”

If you feel the same way, don’t wait. Sign the completely confidential endorsement list now. And if you know of any manufacturers or associations who should be added to our Supporters list, send us their names, and we’ll make sure they’re listed on the site.

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